Yes, your users care about how you write code

September 19, 20204 min. read
The way you code and the technology you choose impact user experience

Understanding React's Error Boundaries

June 07, 20206 min. read
Learn how to create error boundary components and how to use them

Writing an integration test with React Testing Library

May 24, 202012 min. read
Learn the importance of integration tests and how easy it is to write one with this library

How to add posts search functionality to your Gatsby blog

May 17, 20205 min. read
Provide a better experience to your users by allowing them to filter your blog posts

The 3 essentials to get started with styled-components

May 10, 20208 min. read
Learn how to enhance your component styling with this awesome library

Never call a React function component

April 28, 20205 min. read
Do you know what happens if you write “Component()” instead of “< Component/>”?

The difference between Classes and Function components in React

April 21, 20205 min. read
There is an important difference between these two types of components that many developers are not aware of

Understanding React’s useEffect Hook

April 14, 20208 min. read
React Hooks are awesome and definitely make our lives as React developers much easier, but useEffect can be a little tricky at first

Basic accessibility for your HTML forms

April 10, 20203 min. read
Why you must include labels in all your HTML forms and how to do it right

Understanding React elements and JSX

April 10, 20208 min. read
A guide on what are React elements, what is JSX and why it’s helpful

Understanding the importance of the key prop in React 🗝

April 01, 20205 min. read
Learn why React asks you to provide a key prop for each element when rendering a list, and what happens when you don’t do it

Creating custom React hooks for a simple To-do list app

April 01, 20208 min. read
See how easy it is to create custom hooks which you can then use in any other component or application

Speed Matters: Designing for Mobile Performance — A summary

March 25, 202011 min. read
A summary of the great eBook written by Awwwards in collaboration with Google